The workshop has come and gone. Thank you to everyone for their active participation!

We are pleased to introduce the Workshop on Active Materials funded by the National Research Foundation and the National Institute for Theoretical Physics, South Africa, as part of a collaborative project in conjunction with the US National Science Foundation (Materials World Network Program) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of the UK.

Workshop on Active Materials

Scope and format

picture of Wallenberg Centre Entrance A major direction in materials research is the study of soft biological matter. Interesting physics questions arise concering aspects of cell organization and dynamics. In particlar this workshop will focus on the effects of molecular motors and associated proteins on the dynamics and mechanics of systems of cytoskeletal filaments. Highlights of recent experimental and theoretical insights and questions concerning such active materials will be discussed.

Some of the topics this workshop will touch include:

This three day workshop will have about 25-30 participants and will allow ample time for discussion. In particular we encourage students from South Africa (and neighbouring countries) to attend, as the workshop will comprise both research talks as well as tutorial sessions by distinguished experts in the field with the specific aim of introducing aspects of the subject matter to students.

Students from the Southern African region may apply for funding towards attending, including transportation to Stellenbosch. Please see the link on student support above.

In addition to the invited talks a limited number of contributed talks may be presented. Please indicate whether you wish to give a talk or poster when applying to attend.

Date and Venue

Subset of participants

The workshop will be held at the Stellenbosch site of the National Institute for Theoretical Physics, Wallenberg Centre, Stellenbosch, South Africa, from 17 to 19 November 2010. The Wallenberg Centre is located near the town centre of Stellenbosch and just off the campus of Stellenbosch University.

Invited speakers

Contributed talks

The programme allows for a small number of contributed talks. Please contact Kristian Müller-Nedebock if you wish to present a poster or talk, and see Contact and register.


Organizing committee

...and the fantastic administrators and helpers: Christine Ruperti (Stellenbosch University), Heleen Randall (Stellenbosch University), Monique Louw (NITheP), René Kotze (NITheP), Mohau Mateyisi (Stellenbosch University), Karl Möller (Stellenbosch University), Florimond Mpiana Mulamba (Stellenbosch University)

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