Welcome to the homepage of Michael Kastner. I am a Theoretical Physicist, currently employed as a Chief Researcher at the National Institute for Theoretical Physics (South Africa). On this site you can find information about my research interests, publications, and teaching activities.


05 Dec 2019 New preprint on the arXiv: D. Nickelsen and M. Kastner, Modelling equilibration of local many-body quantum systems by random graph ensembles, arXiv:1912.02043.
24 Sep 2019 New publication: R. Sweke, J. Eisert, and M. Kastner, Lieb–Robinson bounds for open quantum systems with long-ranged interactions, Journal of Physics A 52 424003 (2019).
10 Sep 2019 New publication: C. Duval and M. Kastner, Quantum kinetic perturbation theory for near-integrable spin chains with weak long-range interactions, New Journal of Physics 21, 093021 (2019).
13 Aug 2019 New publication: J. C. Louw, J. N. Kriel, and M. Kastner, Thermalization of a Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model coupled to a bosonic bath, Physical Review A 100, 022115 (2019).
11 May 2019 New publication: D. Nickelsen and M. Kastner, Classical Lieb-Robinson bound for estimating equilibration timescales of isolated quantum systems, Physical Review Letters 122, 180602 (2019).
23 Jan 2019 New publication: P. Uhrich, C. Gross, and M. Kastner, Probing unitary two-time correlations in a neutral atom quantum simulator, Quantum Science and Technology 4, 024005 (2019).
19 Dec 2018 New publication: N. Defenu, T. Enss, M. Kastner, and G. Morigi, Dynamical critical scaling of long-range interacting quantum magnets, Physical Review Letters 121, 240403 (2018).
23 Oct 2018 New publication: S. Czischek, M. Gärttner, M. Oberthaler, M. Kastner, and T. Gasenzer, Quenches near criticality of the quantum Ising chain—power and limitations of the discrete truncated Wigner approximation, Quantum Science and Technology 4, 014006 (2019).
25 Sep 2018 New publication: M. Kastner and P. Uhrich, Reducing backaction when measuring temporal correlations in quantum systems, European Physical Journal Special Topics 227, 365–378 (2018).
20 Mar 2018 New publication: J. R. Webster and M. Kastner, Subexponentially growing Hilbert space and nonconcentrating distributions in a constrained spin model, Journal of Statistical Physics 171, 449–461 (2018).
21 Aug 2017 New publication: P. Uhrich, S. Castrignano, H. Uys, and M. Kastner, Noninvasive measurement of dynamic correlation functions, Physical Review A 96, 022127 (2017).
07 Aug 2017 New publication: M. Karl, H. Cakir, J. C. Halimeh, M. K. Oberthaler, M. Kastner, and T. Gasenzer, Universal equilibrium scaling functions at short times after a quench, Physical Review E 96, 022110 (2017).
28 Jun 2017 Check out the website of an upcoming conference on Quantum Many-Body Systems Far from Equilibrium, taking place 12–16 March 2018 in Stellenbosch.
23 May 2017 New publication: L. Pucci, A. Roy, T. Santiago do Espirito Santo, R. Kaiser, M. Kastner, and R. Bachelard, Quantum effects in the cooperative scattering of light by atomic clouds, Physical Review A 95, 053625 (2017).
27 Jan 2017 New publication: M. Kastner, N-scaling of timescales in long-range N-body quantum systems, Journal of Statistical Mechanics 2017, 014003 (2017).
06 Jan 2017 New publication: J. C. Halimeh, V. Zauner-Stauber, I. P. McCulloch, I. de Vega, U. Schollwöck, and M. Kastner, Prethermalization and persistent order in the absence of a thermal phase transition, Physical Review B 95, 024302 (2017).
28 Nov 2016 NRF grant (1,000,000 Rand) awarded under the Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers, jointly with Hermann Uys, Stellenbosch University.
04 May 2016 New publication: L. Pucci, A. Roy, and M. Kastner, Simulation of quantum spin dynamics by phase space sampling of Bogoliubov-Born-Green-Kirkwood-Yvon trajectories, Physical Review B 93, 174302 (2016).
18 Dec 2015 New publication: M. Kastner, Entanglement-enhanced spreading of correlations, New Journal of Physics 17, 123024 (2015).
13 Oct 2015 New publication: M. Kastner and M. van den Worm, Relaxation timescales and prethermalization in d-dimensional long-range quantum spin models, Physica Scripta T165, 014039 (2015).
17 Jun 2015 New publication: D.-M. Storch, M. van den Worm, and M. Kastner, Interplay of soundcone and supersonic propagation in lattice models with power law interactions, New Journal of Physics 17, 063021 (2015).
10 Feb 2015 SU/FAPESP collaboration grant awarded (100,000 Rand), jointly with Romain Bachelard, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil.
17 Dec 2014 New publication: K. R. A. Hazzard, M. van den Worm, M. Foss-Feig, S. R. Manmana, E. G. Dalla Torre, T. Pfau, M. Kastner, and A. M. Rey, Quantum correlations and entanglement in far-from-equilibrium spin systems, Physical Review A 90, 063622 (2014).
20 Aug 2014 New publication: G. Olivier and M. Kastner, Microcanonical analysis of the Curie-Weiss anisotropic quantum Heisenberg model in a magnetic field, Journal of Statistical Physics 157, 456–473 (2014).
12 Jun 2014 New publication: D. Mehta, C. Hughes, M. Kastner, and D. J. Wales, Potential energy landscape of the two-dimensional XY model: Higher-index stationary points, Journal of Chemical Physics 140, 224503 (2014).
28 May 2014 New publication: D. Métivier, R. Bachelard, and M. Kastner, Spreading of perturbations in long-range interacting classical lattice models, Physical Review Letters 112, 210601 (2014).
07 Mar 2014 1,220,000 Rand awarded by the National Research Foundation of South Africa for a project on “A Long-Range Interacting Ion Trap-Based Quantum Simulator” (jointly with Hermann Uys from the CSIR Pretoria).
10 Jan 2014 Joined the COST action MP1209 on “Quantum Thermodynamics”.
28 Dec 2013 New publication: J. Eisert, M. van den Worm, S. R. Manmana, and M. Kastner, Breakdown of quasilocality in long-range quantum lattice models, Physical Review Letters 111, 260401 (2013).
06 Aug 2013 New publication: M. van den Worm, B. C. Sawyer, J. J. Bollinger, and M. Kastner, Relaxation timescales and decay of correlations in a long-range interacting quantum simulator, New Journal of Physics 15, 083007 (2013).
30 May 2013 New publication: D. Mehta, D. A. Stariolo, and M. Kastner, Energy landscape of the finite-size spherical three-spin glass model, Physical Review E 87, 052143 (2013).
29 Apr 2013 New publication: R. Bachelard and M. Kastner, Universal threshold for the dynamical behavior of lattice systems with long-range interactions, Physical Review Letters 110, 170603 (2013).
20 Mar 2013 New publication: R. Nerattini, M. Kastner, D. Mehta, and L. Casetti, Exploring the energy landscape of XY models, Physical Review E 87, 032140 (2013).
29 Oct 2012 This website is now hosted at http://www.physics.sun.ac.za/~kastner/.
20 Jun 2012 New publication: M. Kastner, Long-time asymptotics of the long-range Emch-Radin model, Central European Journal of Physics 10, 637–644 (2012).
04 Jun 2012 New publication: D. Mehta, J. D. Hauenstein, and M. Kastner, Energy landscape analysis of the two-dimensional nearest-neighbor φ4 model, Physical Review E 85, 061103 (2012).
19 Apr 2012 New publication: P. Reimann and M. Kastner, Equilibration of isolated macroscopic quantum systems, New Journal of Physics 14, 043020 (2012).
06 Feb 2012 New publication: R. Paškauskas and M. Kastner, Equilibration in long-range quantum spin systems from a BBGKY perspective, Journal of Statistical Mechanics 2012, P02005 (2012).
22 Dec 2011 New website is online!

Prof. Dr. Michael Kastner,
National Institute for Theoretical Physics,
South Africa.