Recent progress in manipulating cold atoms and ions has brought the study of non-equilibrium behavior of isolated quantum systems into the focus of research. This has given rise to the development of novel theoretical concepts and numerical tools, but also led to a renewed interest in foundational questions. Important recent developments, like quench protocols, thermalisation in isolated quantum systems, as well as absence of thermalisation due to many-body localisation, will be in the focus of this workshop. We aim to bring together researchers from a variety of fields related to this topic, including quantum information, statistical physics, mathematical physics, cold atoms and condensed matter physics. The workshop schedule consists of several 45min talks per day, but leaves ample time for discussions.

Organising Committee

    Michael Kastner, National Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stellenbosch, South Africa
    Ulrich Schneider, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University, United Kingdom
    Jens Eisert, Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany